API and Its Functions


Many of us do not know what API abbreviates for. Although this term has not been heard and regarded much, we must come to know that API is one important tool the world of software development.

The acronym ‘API’ stands for Application Programming Interface. So, what are API’s and what makes it so important in software development industry? When you post pictures on your social media account, that is API working. When you send SMS via email, that is also API’s job. To simply put it, API are integrated sets of information that enables different applications communicate and connect to each other. APIs are not only found on mobile phone, but it also has been long present on desktops and laptops.

Similarly, Application Programming Interface functions like google serp api close to user interface. It has very complex structured system functions to effectively make the interaction between software systems possible and accessible. API can be divided into several categories. Each category is specified to its particular functions. Generally, Application Programming Interface can be classified into two main categories:

General APIs – this type of google keyword tool api can be considered the most important category. It encompassed a large scope of function in making the interaction and communication between programmes possible. Standard Template library in C++ or the Java API are few examples of general APIs.

Specific APIs -the function of this type of API is designed for a specific problem or project. It is assigned to its specified purpose. Let us say for example, a map application API. This API is designed on for the developers access map data templates to build visualizations and tools. Another is the SMS API for text massaging campaigns.

The API that is used for web development is the most common type of API. In which case, the tools used for web development is freely published, with of course retaining the proprietary rights of the code. This is to be able construct a shared world of web content and its protocols among the various applications and softwares on the internet. With the freely usage of Web APIs, it has allowed the generic use of web services and protocols. The ability embed of one web page to a different web page is one example for this. Placing a video on a web page with a simple HTML code or the links or videos available on our social media accounts is an example.


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